Frequently asked questions by applicants of TIMUN 2019.

Who is eligible to participate in the conference?

Participants have to be at least 16 years old and younger than 35 years old on the 25th January 2019. Unfortunately, there will be no exceptions to this rule.

How do I apply to the conference?

The official Registration for TIMUN 2019 is held through official website – timun.org and mymun.com. The application process depends on the position a potential candidate chooses.

How much is the participation fee?

This year, TIMUN has reduced participation fee to $0! However, all other expenses are covered by participants themselves.

Does TIMUN provide accommodation for students from regions of Uzbekistan?

No, it does not. A participant should find an accommodation for the period of the conference him/herself.

Does TIMUN provide accommodation for international students? 

No, it does not. A participant should book a hotel prior to the conference.

Can TIMUN provide sponsorship or scholarships for participation?

Full scholarship for participation will be provided for the Chairs of the committees and partial scholarship for outstanding delegates in accordance with their applications. Partial scholarship will cover accommodation, transportation expenses, meal, and social events.

How do I get accepted to the conference?

As soon as your Application form has been reviewed and you have been successfully accepted to the conference, we will officially inform you about this through your official email address and will provide instructions upon further steps.

Will I get a certificate for the participation in the conference?

Yes, if a participant is present in each session. And some of the most outstanding participants of the committees will be awarded with distinct certificates in different nominations: Best Delegate, Best Position Paper, The Most Creative Speech.
Don’t lose the chance to show your full potential and excellent skills during the conference!

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