TIMUN Crisis Committee.

TIMUN 2019 will entertain its delegates with yet another version of all-renowned Crisis Committee. Introduced in WIUT IMUN 2017 by a set of diligent Secretariat members, Crisis Committee has become an integral part of both WIUT IMUN and TIMUN.

Crisis Committee at TIMUN 2019.

Crisis committee is the most uncontemplated committee in UN simulation. Delegates in crisis committee will have not only countries, but also roles how to perform. As it is known from the practice, Crisis Committee topics are producing right during the conference and on the assumption of the decisions that will be made in the room delegates are in. Moreover, to guarantee the success of Crisis committee it is planed to incorporate additional unexpected crisis scenarios. The course of all actions will depend on the agreement of the peers. However, there is a possibility that some of delegates/ministers are keeping the information from everyone else. And that is why Crisis Committee is extremely interesting. Fast reaction and critical thinking of delegates will be exceedingly helpful in Crisis Committee.

Download the country allocation for Crisis Committee