Commission on the Status of Women (CSW).

TIMUN 2019 introduces yet another new committee – Commission on the Status of Women, the very place for considering gender equality and the empowerment of women.

CSW at TIMUN 2019.

Since ancient times, women have played an essential role in various spheres of our life. They worked even more than men, fought on equal terms with men. However, for a very long time, their rights were severely infringed, and now we must do everything in our power to restore respect for them. Since June 21, 1946, a special commission on the status of women was created within the structure of the UN Economic and Social Council. Thus, the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) is the principal global intergovernmental body dedicated exclusively to gender equality and the empowerment of women. Moreover, the CSW is instrumental in promoting women’s rights, documenting the reality of women’s lives throughout the world.
Thanks to such innovations in the UN structure, many of us, too, began to think about equality. So now many universities and schools, in the structures of their MUN conferences, create commissions on women's rights and discuss the most critical issues regarding gender discrimination. TIMUN is no exception. This conference will draw the attention of delegates to "the role of education & youth development in the empowerment of girls and the advancement of women's leadership in the global economy". Education is one of the most important means of empowering women with the knowledge, skills and self-confidence necessary to participate fully in the development process. More than 40 years ago, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights asserted that "everyone has the right to education". This is a vital topic, as numerous young females due to the discrimination cannot fully develop their potential. We believe that the participation in TIMUN conference will make every delegate to deepen the understanding of the problem of gender discrimination and at the end of the conference design resolution.

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