Distinguished friends and colleagues,

On the 22nd of December, an Internal Mock MUN Conference 2018-2019 was held in WIUT. The conference included simulation of the work of UNESCO. The topic on the agenda was Fostering Developing Countries Capacities for Change Adaptation. Delegates have successfully presented positions of given them countries and came to a consensus on the discussed problem.

Noting that this conference is a part of an action plan that is aimed on promoting E4J initiative.

Reminding that the Application for Chairs and Delegates for the Biggest International MUN in Central Asia – TIMUN – 2019 ( organized in honor of Doha Declaration) is already open! Don’t miss your chance to discover MUN Planet 🌍

You can go to https://mymun.com/muns/timun-2019 or timun.org to apply.

With Best Wishes,